Our People

Our People

Stephani Chetcuti, Board President/Executive Director/Stuck’s Head Sticktress

Stephani Chetcuti (Sarnoski) has graduate degrees from Northern Arizona University and the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture. They are a Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of Arizona and an NCCAOM Diplomate in Acupuncture. Stephani is also extensively trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Master Tung, Acu-Detox and Trigger Point (Dry Needling) styles of acupuncture. They founded Stuck in 2015 and as of 2021 have provided 36,000 affordable treatments to the community.

When Stephani isn’t poking people, they are usually playing with their kids, out hiking with the family’s rescue dogs or trying to find ways to make the clinic even more accessible. Stephani has also been known to knit or sew whenever there is a quiet moment.

Valerie Brazzell; Licensed Massage Therapist

Valerie Brazzell is a LMT in the state of Arizona. She graduated from ASIS in February of 2015. She also attended NAU where she studied Public Health undergrad courses. Various modalities that are utilized in her practice include: Craniosacral levels 1-4, Polarity, Sports, Swedish, Trigger Point, Connective Tissue, Neuromuscular and in her own time is studying trauma informed care, Polyvagal Theory and Somatic Experiencing. Her approach is from a holistic perspective and will meet you where you are psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

During her personal time she spends as much time with her son, friends and family as possible. She enjoys spending extended periods of time outdoors rafting, camping, hiking, backpacking, SUP, rock scrambling, bike packing and dancing. In addition she is passionate about social justice, community, volunteering for various humanitarian organizations and creating equity for all members of society. She believes that these values are what Stuck Community Acupuncture brings to our community and is so excited and passionate about being a part of the team.

Karen Smith, Licensed Massage Therapist

Ya’ateeh’ shi ei Karen Smith yiniishye’; Toodiichiinii nishlii; Tootsohnii daa shi chei, dii ghii ateegoo azsdgaanii nishliii. (All is well and good, my name is Karen Smith. My maternal clan is Bitterwater and my maternal grandfathers are Bigwater clans, this is the woman I am.)

I am so happy and honored to be asked to join the Stuck Community as a massage therapist in a substitute position from the precious foothills of our most sacred Dookoosliid and upon the sacred living and breathing ancestral lands of so many beautiful and vibrant indigneous relatives. After a 25 year career right here in Kinlanii and Coconino County, I retired in January 2018 and decided to therapeutically and spiritually “return to my body, mind and spirit” by attending massage school. It was just the medicine I needed in every way imaginable. I graduated as a licenced massage therapist from ASIS in downtown Kinlanii, October 2018.

I studied many different healing massage modalities with Swedish Massage as the basis of our studies. My private practice is called “Maa’saanii bilaah'” (Grandmother’s hands). That is the touch and energies I call forth and upon along with the sacred Mother Earth, the infinite Universe and ancient yet still living and breathing sacred prayers of the Ancestors every time I am asked to place my hands on any body. I am only a vessel and tool of these precious life sustaining forces. I am an avid hiker of these sacred lands with my dog, Buddy Redbow. I LOVE retirement and reading many different kinds of books and drinking local coffee is my pure delight. I come to the Stuck Community with an open mind, and honestly willing to learn from you, my relatives, to share some positive breathes and moments to exchange our healing energies. Aho’ doo Axhe’he

Ryane Griffis, Administrative Assistant

Ryane was born in Boston, Massachusetts and lived in The White Mountains of New Hampshire after college. She curiously found herself in Flagstaff after many friends told her to come visit, she fell in love with the area and community and decided to stay. Ryane first learned about community acupuncture in early sobriety. She was referred by a friend and was amazed how it made her feel recharged and balanced. When she’s not working or taking an acunap, Ryane enjoys yoga & meditation, long distance running in the mountains, hanging out with her pitbull, Simon and making delicious meals and treats for friends.

Matt Sarnoski, Environmental Services

Matt enjoys BeitrisMatt Sarnoski is in charge of Environmental Services at Stuck. He keeps the clinic and laundry clean for everyone here and fixes anything we break. You may also see him at the front desk from time to time. While dreaming of being employed full-time by Stuck as head of janitorial services and lead gardener, as his day job he teaches middle school at a local charter school.

Matt was born in the enigmatic Pine Barrens of South Jersey between Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore, creating in him a passion for bike riding, surfing and music. Love of the outdoors brought him to Flagstaff, where he expanded his passions with gongfu, Chinese Medicine and farming, all of which he combines on his family farm.

Heidi Young-Blackgoat, Stuck Community Acupuncture Board Secretary

Heidi Young-Blackgoat Heidi is a Diné woman, born for the Italian people. She is of the Bitterwater clan, and her maternal grandfathers are of the Manygoats clan. She grew up in Western Massachusetts, returning nearly every summer to the Southwest to spend time with extended family.

Heidi earned her BA in Sociology and travelled after college. She returned to Flagstaff to be closer to family. Since then she has obtained her BSN from NAU, and has worked at FMC, and as a part-time flight nurse based out of Page. She is completing her Master’s program and will receive her NP in Midwifery & Women’s Health.

Heidi is passionate about equity in maternal and children’s health, shared decision-making, reproductive justice, and reducing barriers to care, including mental healthcare. She is excited to join the STUCK Board because her values and passions align with their mission. She has previously collaborated with STUCK, successfully obtaining two mini grants for Emergency Department and EMS staff experiencing secondary trauma and burnout symptoms, and cannot wait to continue with simliar community partnerships and projects.

When Heidi is not working or studying, she enjoys being active and adventuring with her family.

Angi Christiansen, Stuck Community Acupuncture Board Treasurer

Angi is a proud Flagstaffian, having lived, worked, played, and raised their family here for 27 years. The loves of their life include their two children – Cassidy, age 22, and Natalie, 19 – and dog, Mei; and husband of 24 years, Matt. Hiking, biking, and running the trails of our beautiful mountains, reading, watching movies, and cuddling with pets are the things that make Angi the happiest. They feel that Flagstaff and its community are one of the best places on the planet. Angi has worked for Bookmans for 31 years and is an avid proponent of re-use and living simply. Angi began coming to Stuck soon after it opened and has reaped the rewards and benefits of Stephani’s intuitive talent, and feels strongly about the curative strength of acupuncture. They are beyond excited to be a part of Stuck, to help others on their journey of healing, and to help Stuck grow in our vibrant community.

Amari Baker, Board Member at Large

Amari Baker was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She has lived in Flagstaff for four years, and has attended Northern Arizona University where she’s studied strategic communication with emphasis in public relations, coupled with a minor in ethnic studies. Amari has grown to love it here in Flagstaff for its amazing people and small-town culture. She is a huge enthusiast of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, kayaking, going to the lake, wearing chanclas, and is a proud mama to her small kitten, Opal. She also works at Bookmans Entertainment and Exchange. Amari strongly believes that effective communication is essential for various day to day life skills, and plans to utilize her studies by bringing her community together and helping to rejuvenate our world with some all-natural healing.

Alba Almaguer; Board Member

Alba has been a Flagstaff resident since 2016 when she came up for school at NAU where she obtained her bachelors in biomedical science. Since then, she has lived in Flagstaff with her fiancé, dog and bearded dragon enjoying the mountain life and preparing for medical school. Some of Alba’s hobbies include swing dancing as well as various forms of Latin dance, playing the guitar and piano, and painting. Alba’s strong belief in individualized care and a whole body approach to healing has brought her to Stuck and has given her first hand experience into the benefits of acupuncture. As a board member, it is her goal to take part in outreach to help others in their journeys towards a healthy and happy life.