Our People

Our People

Stephani Sarnoski, Board President/Executive Director/Stuck’s Head Sticktress

Stephani Sarnoski has graduate degrees from Northern Arizona University and the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture. She is a Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of Arizona and a NCCAOM Diplomate in Acupuncture.

When she’s not poking people, she can usually be found with her family on their little micro-farm milking goats and growing food.

Tamara Seaton, Office Manager

Yá’át’ééh shik’is, shi’eiya Tamara Seaton yinishyé. Kinłichii’nii ei nishłį́ dóó Tł’ízí Łání bashishchiin. Hashk’ąą hadzohí dashicheii dóó Naakai dine’é dashínáłí. Hello my friends! My name is Tamara Seaton. I am of The Red House Clan, born for The Many Goats clan. The Yucca Fruit are my maternal grandfather’s clan and The People of the Mexican are my paternal grandfather’s clan.

Tamara (Diné) was born and raised in the great mountain town of Flagstaff. Along with her work at Stuck, Tamara is also a board member and producer at the Community Media Project of Colorado Plateau and a member of Truth & Reconciliation Flagstaff. Through these projects, Tamara strives to produce audio content that will promote healing via story telling. She is excited to be a part of Stuck’s safe healing space as a the Administrative Assistant and Protector of Beitris.

When she’s not playing with Be at the clinic or listening to our community tell stories, Tamara is usually engaging with various social, environment and racial justice organizations, drinking crazy amounts of coffee at Firecreek, drawing, playing her violin, or making a sweet playlist.

MT Garcia, Reception

MT Garcia is a Diné women born and raised in the presence of the holy mountain Dook’o’oosłííd, the San Francisco peaks. Originating from Tzsiizizii, Leupp outside of KinŁaní, Flagstaff. She is of the salt people clan.

She is the newest member at Stuck Community acupuncture. She has huge compassion for mother nature and creating healing spaces. Some of her background is in traditional Diné chiropractic, massage and medicines and is currently studying under her family. MT is a diverse artist, art has been a platform from a young age for utilizing the creativity to express her perspective and the traditional knowledge that she constantly seeks.

Mara Pfeffer, Volunteer and Substitute Receptionist

Mara moved from New Jersey to Flagstaff 7 years ago. She is currently a PhD student in Political Science at NAU. She is interested in healing justice, trauma informed care (for people and animals), and community art & medicine. When she’s not at the clinic, she can be found writing and studying at Firecreek, planning the next Wrecking Ball with Tamara (DJ TamTaco), doing Kung Fu at Sacred Mountain, or hanging out with the four legged loves of her life, Poppy and Charlotte.

Matt Sarnoski, Environmental Services

Matt enjoys BeitrisMatt Sarnoski is in charge of Environmental Services at Stuck. He keeps the clinic and laundry clean for everyone here and fixes anything we break. You may also see him at the front desk from time to time. While dreaming of being employed full-time by Stuck as head of janitorial services and lead gardener, as his day job he teaches middle school at a local charter school.

Matt was born in the enigmatic Pine Barrens of South Jersey between Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore, creating in him a passion for bike riding, surfing and music. Love of the outdoors brought him to Flagstaff, where he expanded his passions with gongfu, Chinese Medicine and farming, all of which he combines on his family farm.

Beitris Sarnoski, Greeter

Beitris Sarnoski is Stuck’s official greeter. She’s good for a giggle or a smile on your way in  and/or your way out of the treatment room. She’s also known around Flagstaff as Matt’s mini-me and Stephani’s unofficial apprentice.

Sienna St. John, Stuck Community Acupuncture Board Secretary

Sienna Helps Stuck SucceedSienna St.John, RN, BSN, is the Secretary of the Stuck Community Acupuncture Board. When not advocating for people to get poked with sharp things, she enjoys coffee, books, coffee, yoga, coffee, bikes, coffee, spicy food, and also coffee.

Angi Christiansen, Stuck Community Acupuncture Board Treasurer

Angi is a proud Flagstaffian, having lived, worked, played, and raised her family here for 26 years. The loves of her life include her two children – Cassidy, age 22, and Natalie, 19 – her dog, Mei; and her husband of 23 years, Matt. Hiking, biking, and running the trails of our beautiful mountains, reading, watching movies, and cuddling with pets are the things that make Angi the happiest. She feels that Flagstaff and its community are one of the best places on the planet. She has worked for Bookmans for 29 years and is an avid proponent of re-use and living simply. Angi began coming to Stuck soon after it opened and has reaped the rewards and benefits of Stephani’s intuitive talent, and feels strongly about the curative strength of acupuncture. She is beyond excited to be a part of Stuck, to help others on their journey of healing, and to help Stuck grow in our vibrant community.

Kyrie Fry, Board Member

Kyrie has been a Flagstaff local since she moved here in 1993. Graduating from NAU with an English degree, followed by an MA in Technical Writing, Kyrie has worked at the U.S. Geological Surgery in outreach and communications and now does Marketing at NAU. In her free time she loves gardening and knitting; specializes in organic gluten free baking; is an avid reader and up starter of a local book club; and enjoys experiencing the beauty of Flagstaff by getting out hiking and playing disc golf.

Kyrie started coming to STUCK acupuncture in 2017, and really loved the notion of making acupuncture affordable and obtainable by all members of the Northern Arizona Community, regardless of their financial means, their background, their abilities, or who they identify as. Supporting local non-profits has become a passion of Kyrie’s, and she is excited to be part of the STUCK family as both patient and board member.