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 Our Group Clinic Hours At
2708 N. Fourth St, Suite F2,
Flagstaff, AZ 86004

TUE – 1:00-5:30
WED – 10:00-2:00
FRI – 1:00-5:30
SAT – 10:00-1:00

Private Treatments Available by Appointment, please contact me:

Tele-Health Video Consults: By appointment or through Herbal and Acupressure Consults online

 Book by Phone (928) 526-3365


We are here for you during the Pandemic!

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Services & Prices

Community Acupuncture/Herb Clinic: $30-$50 Sliding Scale

This is our regular community clinic, the one you’ve always known and loved. There may be up to 8 people in the room at a time and every chair is 6-8 feet away from the other. Masks are required. If you feel comfortable in a situation where other socially distanced folks are and you aren’t showing any signs of illness, this is the place for you. Appointments can be made here.

Telehealth Phone/Video Consultations: $20-$40 Sliding Scale

These are twenty minute video or phone consults. We can recommend herbs, teach you acupressure, ear seeds and gua sha or self-massage as well as Qi Gong, stretches and diet recommendations. If you don’t feel comfortable coming into a space with other folks, just want this info or are showing signs of illness this is where you want to be. Appointments available online by choosing “Herb and Acupressure Consults” as your clinic location, calling the clinic or shooting an email to stephani@stuckflagstaff.org

Private Treatment: $50-$80 Sliding Scale

One:One Treatments alone with the acupuncturist in the community room. If you have underlying conditions that cause you to be more vulnerable or are simply not comfortable yet in a room with other folks despite precautions, please set up a private appointment. We care about your safety and want you to still be able to get your treatments. Private appointments can be made by calling 928.526.3365 or emailing stephani@stuckflagstaff.org.

Accessible Massage Therapy: $20 – $40

At Stuck we are committed to finding ways to provide our community with affordable access to healthcare support and services they can’t find anywhere else. That’s why we’ve decided to offer chair massage! 15 and 30 minute chair massages are available during select clinic hours. Check out our schedule for availability. If you would like to learn more, click here.

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The Online Reviews and The Talk On The Street

Stuck Community Acupuncture truly is a part of the healthcare revolution. I was a little skeptical about what the environment would be like…would it be awkward being in a treatment area with other people, would it be comfortable, would I be able to relax? Those were just a few of the thoughts running through my mind. Well, I needn’t have worried. The room was very comfortable, without harsh lights and with cushy recliner chairs, enough space between each chair so that I didn’t feel the least bit awkward. And as for relaxing, after discussing why I was there with Stephani (what a lovely person!) and receiving treatment, I slipped into a restful little nap. I left refreshed and feeling better than I have in some time.Susan Williams

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