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I can’t say enough about Stephani’s expertise and ability to produce RESULTS. I’ve struggled with painful problems like migraines and muscle spasm that are really hard to treat with Western medicine’s limited approach. No drama, no drugs, just RELIEF.Michelle Denise Miller
Stephani has provided me with several amazing treatments. She is incredibly intuitive, she listens, and she empowers you with knowledge about what is going on in your own body and encourages you to understand. She has helped release some major stress point that were causing migrane headaches and has even provided me with specialized prenatal care. I highly recommend getting stuck by Stephani!Liza
Stephanie is an amazing acupuncturist. Her skills as an acupuncturist and healer have saved me worlds of pain and gotten me functioning again on more than one occasion. As a martial artist I am not always gentle on my body Stephanie is one of the few practitioners who has consistently put me back together so I could keep enjoying life.Lilly Weichberger
Steph is the best! She has a great combination of brilliance, compassion, and skills!!! She always makes me feel better.Jolene Krieps
Okay I was skeptical and desperate my back was killing me and after research on the web it said some people experience relief with acupuncture. I decided to try it two weeks of not standing straight not being able to wash dishes or even blow dry my hair helped me decide what the heck. My doctor gave pain medicine that did NOTHING to help with the fire in my low back and legs! I went to stuck and felt a little uncomfortable with a bunch of people laying in recliners all around me. None of the other patients seemed to care that I was there they were just getting their treatments done and resting. The acupuncturist came and talked to me in a soothing tone helped me get comfortable and proceeded. I felt almost immediately a little better which was fantastic. This morning I felt great still some pain still but considering the last two weeks I felt like a new person. I even felt well enough to shower and blow dry my hair and put in contacts seriously this is a big deal. I very much appreciate their kindness and skill. Love this place highly recommend and will go back until I’m completely better.Tara Swanson
Stuck Community Acupuncture truly is a part of the healthcare revolution. I was a little skeptical about what the environment would be like…would it be awkward being in a treatment area with other people, would it be comfortable, would I be able to relax? Those were just a few of the thoughts running through my mind. Well, I needn’t have worried. The room was very comfortable, without harsh lights and with cushy recliner chairs, enough space between each chair so that I didn’t feel the least bit awkward. And as for relaxing, after discussing why I was there with Stephani (what a lovely person!) and receiving treatment, I slipped into a restful little nap. I left refreshed and feeling better than I have in some time. And having the sliding payment scale was amazing! It truly is affordable for anyone. I already made another appointment and am telling my friends about this cool concept.Susan Williams